What one can actually tell about him/herself to a stranger who is interested in his/her art? Something official like: Studied…. Graduated… Exhibited? It is important to study but these days Art Academies are a chaos, based on theories of the professors, who have to prove themselves being more advanced than their students. It would be better just to tell the truth: WE DON’T KNOW, at least it will be sincere. If you are only interested to see my art exhibited in the MOMA, so I am sorry to tell: it’s not yet there!


"Describe briefly your art in a few sentences": Sorry to say, but any visual art that needs a description at most cases is an art that can't stand by itself, and it is like trying to dress a skeleton in stunning clothes, and expect it becoming alive. Should every artist describe his art in words like: "homogenous", "fluent", "colorful", "cheerful", "open-minded", "fresh"??? That sounds like we are at best trying to sell slippers for the beach.


So, now you may think I am a bitter, angry person, but I am not! Just sitting myself at the computer and making this site makes me a bit crazy, so friends, if you want/need some dry "BIO" facts and a bit of images about me, go to the next page of “ABOUT”, if not, go right to the Heart, to my Art.

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